Seaside Steamer Pots

All-Inclusive Family Feast

When you are on vacation time, The Seaside Farm Market has you covered. We can hand pick and pack a FEAST for you at a GREAT PRICE.  We include everything, you take the credit… One of our SEASIDE Steamer Pots is the perfect way to take home a delicious, fresh, Farm & Sea-to-Table meal and enjoy it with family and friends right at home. Perfectly prepped and ready to cook!

3 Easy Steps

Pick, Order, & Pickup

It's that easy. A Complete Meal for your family and or guests. We have assembled some favorites or you can build your own. We hand pick the ingredients for each SEASIDE Steamer Pot. You can come in and select your pot or give us a call to order.

View Our Huge Variety of Products

We are your, island one-stop shop – find it all here – fresh, locally sourced and topped off with local wine & beer selections.

Prices & Steamer Pot Details, Coming Soon…
We are currently at Market for you.  We are bidding on the Seafood that will be available, fresh, during the season, at a great price to fill your pots and your family tables. We have to compete with everyone else to secure the Best Seafood at the Best Prices when they are available – no fear, we have been doing this a LONG time & we are really good at it. Can’t wait to see you at the shop and provide you with the bounty of our work.

See Ya’ Soon!

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Daily Specials

No Substitutes for Specials

Monday $20.99 LB

Sea Scallops

$20.99 LB
Tuesday $10.99 LB

Snow Crab Legs

$10.99 LB
Wednesday $21.99 LB

King Crab Legs

$21.99 LB
Thursday $15.99 LB

Lobster Arms & Claws

$15.99 LB
Friday $12.99 LB

Cooked Cocktail Peeled & Deveined Shrimp

$12.99 LB
Saturday 10% OFF

Cold Brew Coffee add a Flavor

10% OFF
Sunday 10% OFF

Fresh Made Creamy Fudge

10% OFF