An Ode to ‘Old Red’

It was said of Old Red ‘It was Meant to Be’,
Hauled from the West to Our Market by the Sea,
To Become the Proud Symbol of Our Farm Family,
And a Beacon by the Roadside for All to See…

…100 Plus, Just Like Us!

We traveled half way across the country to fetch ‘Old Red’ through one of the nastiest winter storms in decades.  We hooked him up and hauled him back to his new home along side The Seaside Farm Market. 

Now a landmark on this beautiful stretch of land in the Outer banks of North Carolina.  He’s a 1926 Model TT Ford – one of the true first “One-Ton” trucks. This model was working on the plains during the great depression and was the workhorse on US farms that helped us survive those challenging times in our history. As proud Farmers for over 100 years ourselves in this area, we thought it only appropriate to give this old classic a new home.

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